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Graff Profit Matrix

Proven strategies and a winning blueprint are at the core of DGAA’s commitment to its dealer clients’ sales growth and profitability.

Company founder Don Graff created the Graff Profit Matrix after combining years of retail experience with some of the country’s largest dealer groups, countless hours in the field, and collaboration with some of the most cutting-edge technology companies in the Industry. The system represents these four pillars.


Visibility is more than being seen; it’s also about being found. As the battle for attention, traffic, and sales continues to increase, so does the need to make smart marketing decisions that yield high R.O.I.

The D.G.A.A. team has overseen many six-figure monthly advertising budgets and continues to keep its finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

We hold your vendors accountable for performance, R.O.I., and ensure that you are aware of the latest proven marketing opportunities to increase your market share.


A dealership’s human capital, culture, and belief systems will determine long-term success or failure as the marketplace continues to become more competitive.

The DGAA team takes a comprehensive view of your people through assessments and evaluations, resulting in the creation of cohesive teams focused on winning.


Profitability is the name of the game, and DGAA’s team has years of experience identifying key profit improvement opportunities for its dealer clients.

Fixed and Variable operations expenses analysis, digital marketing budgets, wage costs, and providing a fresh perspective on the overall dealerships’ financial health help drive the increased profitability clients experience when working with us.


Processes are key to driving improvement in all operational areas of a dealership, and no one knows how to architect a winning process like the DGAA team.

As problem solvers, our team will identify areas of improvement across multiple departments within the dealership, from CRM process challenges, gaps in a dealership’s road-to-sale structure, and issues related to BDC, Internet, and Digital marketing.

We are difference makers for our clients.