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For more than three decades, the name Don Graff has been associated with trust, strategy, integrity, and results.

Whether working on the front lines managing dealership operations, leading multi-store digital marketing efforts, working with cutting-edge vendors, or providing subject matter expertise to OEM’s, the strategy has remained the same. Provide proven strategies that increase sales and profitability for Auto Dealers. Period.

How can we help?

Real World

The DGAA staff are trained professionals who excel in their field. Our consultants have successfully operated in the client facing positions they now train others for. 


The DGAA approach is to understand your organization and its needs, then customize proven processes to maximize the abilities of your team without disruption. 


At DGAA we implement our Acquire. Retain. Reward Strategy to target each area to optimize results and create synergy between all departments.


The DGAA team is experienced across all major brands which ensures you get the most critical and accurate analysis of your dealership.

Our Core Strategy

Our recruitment solutions are designed to help car dealers better recruit employees and build a team of skilled professionals that drive success. We combine our decades of experience with the latest technology to help your dealership detract the wrong candidates and attract top talent.

Our approach includes employee engagement programs, career development opportunities, and establishing a supportive workplace culture. We work closely with you to identify the factors that are driving turnover at your dealership and develop targeted strategies to address them.

We understand that recognizing and rewarding employees is key to building a loyal and engaged workforce. That’s why we offer a range of solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your dealership.

About Don Graff

Don Graff is a 30-year veteran of the Auto Industry, having worked his way from sales to General Manager.

Don’s industry training includes graduating from NADA Dealer Academy, working for JD Power & Associates, and Maritz Sales Performance Improvement.

As a trusted advisor to dealers, Don has successfully overseen the recruiting, training, and development of thousands of dealership personnel.

His brand experience and affiliations include all Domestic, German, Japanese, Korean, and British brands.

Currently, Don and his team work with dealerships that want to increase profitability by reducing turnover and improving their customer experience strategy.